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Mystic version Version Price Download links
Lite Setup 2.3 Freeware Mystic 2.3 Installer
Lite Portable 2.3 Freeware Mystic 2.3 Portable
PRO 2.3 Charityware
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Version comparison table
Features Mystic Lite Mystic PRO
Unlimited-Time license Yes Yes
Max Number of components (stages) 5 Unlimited
Accuracy 1 dec digit 2 dec digit
User friendly GUI Yes Yes
Graphical data interface Yes Yes
Amplifiers working point check Only first active stage Yes
Linearity check Only first not linear stage Yes
s2p file viewer Yes Yes

.: tutorials on RF system performance analysis

Download links Version Size
Mystic User Manual
Learn how to use Mystic
This version may be newer than the one released with the installation package
0.6 0.48 MB
Tutorial #1
Change system performances quickly
Learn how easily is managing system performances using Mystic
1.2 0.9 MB
Tutorial #2
Finding IM3 products through IP3
Learn how to deal with non-linearity calculation using Mystic
1.0 0.1 MB

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